Ohio to Alaska...and back....the wayfaring gypsy lifestyle comes as no stranger..... Influences of  Appalachian ol' time music,  country blues, celtic, to the rock scene of the 70s...thrown into a kettle, simmered an cooked .....the result, The Gypsy Cowboy's brand of Americana...From the western foothills of  Appalachia, come ol' timey melodies combined with eclectic vocals and rhythms.

Growing up in the small towns of eastern Ohio's rustbelt, Carl Besece played the clubs and juke joints scattered up and down the Ohio river..with a wonderlust always pulling on the soul, he made an exodus west and north to the Last Frontier, where he played the raucous bars and festivals of Alaska. A jack of many trades, from the crab boats of the Berring Sea to wrangling and mushing dogs in the shadow of the Alaskan Range, this bush rat's music always kept him centered.. Settling in the tiny mining and mountain climbing village of Talkeetna, where he met and played music with the many musicians, who passed through the tiny hamlet, gleaning all he could from the likes of Dougie  Maclean to Ramblin' Jack Elliott.

While back in Ohio, in 2011, he collaborated with his nephew Erek Gildow. Erek and Carl, both multi-instrumentalists, handled banjo, guitar,mandolin, harmonica and vocals. Ben Thompson, a local artist, joined in on percussion, and the nucleus was formed. Ben's sojourn being short, with him following his own wanderlust to Scotland, still the conceptual seed was sown.  With Ben leaving, Erek and Carl made their way back to the land of the midnight sun, playing music and enjoying the beauty of an Alaskan summer. 

With the collective influences over the next few years, playing music with the many friends and musicians, scattered from Ohio to Alaska, the seed took root.

Fast forward to the present, adding Stephen Kelner's guitar and vocals to the mix, their sound continues to evolve. Stephen, who had worked with Carl on a couple of earlier music projects, seemed like a natural fit.

with banjos, guitars, mandolins and a passion for performing live, their shows are a melding of country blues, folk ,celtic and rock. A sound and presence boiled in the copper vats of  the appalachian mountains, the skylines of the rockies to the shadow of denali, these fellas are crossing generational  and cultural divides to bring you their unabashed and unrestrained take on Americana Music.